Back-to-School Booster

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Summer holidays are great for children to recharge their batteries and put aside their books and studies. Families get to switch off and enjoy things like relaxing, traveling, soaking up the sun and participating in a variety of activities. But, as the summer starts to come to an end, everyone needs to get back into the school routine.

At Neurovida, we have found that this can be quite challenging for so many students. Most children/adolescents struggle to regain their focus, motivation, and the discipline needed to start off the year well. Even tasks that may seem simple such as, going to bed early and waking up earlier, is hard for so many of us after months of summer fun.
It is becoming more and more evident to teachers as well as to parents and students, that when starting a new school year, so much has been forgotten. Material that had already been taught in the previous year is somewhat blurry causing everyone to feel incredibly overwhelmed.

Seeing the impact this causes, is why our team felt it was crucial to create a Back-to-School Booster Workshop to provide children and adolescents with the necessary help they need to feel better prepared for the new academic year ahead.

How we can help your children?

Improve their study skills

Fun activities are designed to encourage teamwork to aid with developing skills such as; Negotiation, Responsibility, Creativity, Communication and Social skills.

Enhancing cognitive development

Our team will carry out a variety of activities structured around cognitive development. Allowing us to work on memory skills, attention, interpretation, understanding and retention.

Why a back-to-school booster?

This workshop was designed to prepare students for the beginning of a new school year, we know that returning to a structured routine after a long summer is always hard on everyone.

Our Back to School Booster workshop was created to give students the opportunity to get into the right mindset and help them put different organizational skills already in place so that they too can feel ready for the new academic year.

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This program will consist of 10 hours that are divided into 5 weekly sessions. Each group will have up to 6 students. We aim to keep these groups small so that it gives us the opportunity to tailor our approach to meet the needs of each child/adolescent.

This program will be available from 21st of August until the 1st of September and we will hold spaces for up to 4 groups. If you would like to know more information, contact us today and our team will assist you with everything you need to know.

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Frequently asked questions

Which language is the Back to School Booster Workshop held in?

This workshop is given in both English and Portuguese.

Who carries out the workshops?

Our workshops are given by our professional team of therapists and teachers that we work very closely with.

When this workshop will be held?

This program will be available from 21st of August until the 1st of September and we will hold spaces for up to 4 groups.

What is the price of the Back to School Booster Workshop?

Our Back to School Booster workshop in English is 400€ per student, in Portuguese it comes to 350€ per student. All of the materials are already included in the pricing.