Helping your children to improve their learning skills and boost their academic future.

A program designed for children and adolescents between the ages of 7 to 16 years old.

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Why a study methods & techniques workshop?

A study methods & techniques workshop can benefit us in many ways!

Analyse and evaluate strategies for effective learning.
Maintain positive thinking during learning.
Organise time and set realistic and smart goals.
Improve communication and teamwork.
Understand how our brains work when acquiring new skills.
Improve your children school performance.

At Neurovida we know the importance of providing each child with the right tools for them.

That is why when it came to designing our Study Methods & Techniques Program and our Back To School Booster Program, we worked closely with several teachers, our educational team and therapists to make sure we produced something unique and adaptable to needs of each individual child/adolescent.

We found that being able to incorporate the vast experience and expertise of this team allowed us to make sure we achieve the necessary balance between the academic needs and the benifits of brain training that is specific to our institution.

But what makes this workshop truly unique?

Created by a team of pedagogues, teachers and learning specialists.

At Neurolearning we have a team made up of educational psychologists, teachers and pedagogues with extensive experience in the field.

A workshop prepared for each child's needs.

As all of our programs are known for being tailored to the needs of each individual child, we felt the same policy had to be applied here. In order to ensure this, we will not only teach children the various strategies they can use but also create the opportunity for them to apply it to their own work by encouraging them to bring in textbooks and work they have been finding difficult or challenging.

Could my child benefit from this workshop?

If you are not sure, don’t worry, our specialists have put together a free screening test that consists of some simple multiple choice questions to help you identify difficulties your child may be encountering academically

How will this workshop work?

We hold several editions of the workshop throughout the year. Places are reserved in groups of no more than 8 students of similar ages.


  1. Self-management skills: Self-reflection
  2. Build confidence 
  3. Reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses
  4. Social skills
  5. Group dynamics and cooperative learning 
  6. Essential agreement
  7. Communication skills: 
  8. Analysing and evaluating strategies
  9. Types of communication. 
  10. Practising positive thinking and managing self-talk  
  11. Compare behavioral strategies. 
  12. Create a video role-play
  13. Practising positive thinking and managing self-talk  
  14. Developing new skills, techniques and strategies for effective learning
  15. Balancing emotions and actions to achieve goals. 
  16. Thinking skills: Successful learning
  17. Brainstorm successful learning
  18. Finding and categorising information
  19. Types of intelligence research using active reading and safe internet searches
  20. Consider – acquisition/apprehension of information
  21. Understanding/organisation of information
  22. Retention and recall of information. 
  23. Using language to communicate information
  24. Giving and receiving feedback 
  25. Setting smart targets and making plans 
  26. Outline SMART targets. 
  27. Define academic, professional and personal objectives for short-term and long-term.
  28. Create action plan for current tasks -Look at time management, organisation, materials, emotional readiness, preparation 
  29. Reflect on strategies 
  30. Digitally organising ourselves
  31. Create a digital timetable using SMART targets 
  32. Establish strategies for the organisation of essential materials – planners, workbooks, textbooks, class handout sheets
  33. Art therapy- Zentangle and Flextangle
  34. Growth mindset  
  35. Reflect on program


  1. Reflecting on the learning process,
  2. Develop new skills
  3. Look at different techniques 
  4. Learn strategies for effective learning,
  5. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our own learning strategies,
  6. How to develop our social skills and collaboration skills,
  7. Learning to work effectively with others,
  8. Managing time and tasks effectively,
  9. Setting achievements that are challenging and realistic.
  10. Learn to use a variety of speaking techniques to communicate effectively,
  11. Interpret and effectively apply non-verbal modes of communication,
  12. Offer different methods of collective communication and techniques for setting reasonable and effective goals,
  13. Learn how to give and receive critical feedback,
  14. Learn to use an appropriate form of writing for different audiences,
  15. Learn to negotiate and share ideas with colleagues,
  16. Maintain positive thinking about learning and apply it to oneself in times of crisis.
  17. How to find the necessary information and report it to the rest,
  18. Evaluating and selecting between different sources of information,
  19. Understanding and using different technological systems,
  20. Analyse, evaluate, synthesise and ethically use the information needed to learn,
  21. Learn to search among different perspectives of knowledge,
  22. Critically analyse and interpret the media.

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Frequently asked questions

Which language is the Study Methods & Techniques workshop given in?

Like all of our programs, these workshops are available in both Portuguese and English.

Who carries out the workshops?

Our workshops are given by our professional team therapists and teachers we work very closely with.

How can I sign up?

To register your child, please fill-out the contact form above. Once we have received your request, we will contact by phone or email (as indicated in your preference) Our team is available to answer any questions you may have and help you enroll you child/children.

What is the price of the Study Methods & Techniques workshops?

The price of our workshop English is 480€ per student, in Portuguese it has a cost of 420€ per student. The workshop consists of a 12-hour program and all of the materials that will be required is already included in the price.

Are there any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for families enrolling more than one child and, there are several schools and companies we have partnerships with which will also entitle you to a discount. Throughout the year, we carry out various campaigns that we share on our platforms, offering promotions in a variety of our services for children, adolescents and adults. If you would like to know more or have any enquires, contact our team on +351 214 064 291 / +351 914 104 915 or fill out our online contact form.

Do you want to work with us?

We currently have a full team, but we are always open to receiving new applications. If you have a background in teaching, tutoring or as a therapist supporting children/adolescents, send your CV to [email protected] in the subject please indicate NeuroLearning Workshops.